Hélène Soulingeas

Hélène has been singing for over 20 years with the Chorale Diapason de Vignols and Saint Solve both as a chorister and as a soloist, singing a wide variety of music, from classics to the works of Jacques Brel. Hélène has also sung in the shows of “La fleur au fusil”, “Sur les rives du Danube” and “Tout tourne chez Offenbach” with Nathalie Marcillac.

In September 2019, Hélène began taking voice lessons with Andrew Field. Throughout these thirteen months, she trained and developed her voice into a beautiful lyrical soprano. Hélène will join Andrew and Baron Opera for the 2021 concert season.

Hélène has been an art therapist for 6 years: her profession allows her to use the powers of the arts such as music and singing for therapeutic purposes with people in suffering (illness, disability, life injuries). The benefits of music to human health and well-being are well established. Hélène's voice is thus a precious tool in her profession and Andrew helps her develop it.

At the moment, Hélène and Andrew are working together to create a music program especially for medical, social or hospital environments that can be adapted to the needs of an individual or for groups. "